Working across multiple disciplines creates the possibility of a wide perspective and of a deeper understanding of every step of the process. My natural flair for balance, combined with my longing for aesthetics infuses everything that I touch.

I wear different hats and love equally to switch from one role to the other; Photographer, Videographer, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, Graphic Designer, Organiser, Manager, facilitator...

I am a beauty seeker. I instinctively pursue balance... either visual, spacial or project. I am intuitive and I really appreciate sharing my talents and to be of service.


I am curious by nature, I love learning, discovering and trying. I genuinely really love to know and understand the people, projects, and ideas that surround me. I absolutely love to solve problems and search for creative solutions.

I am grateful that through the years I have had the chance to work in many different settings, roles, and teams. Here are some of the company I have had the pleasure to work with.

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hi, I am STÉCIe,
A multidisciplinary creative.