I would like to start by sending you my gratitude for choosing to invest your precious time in the discovery of my website, and getting to know me a little better :) I am not what I do, but I try to let who I am lead what I do.


I am a multipotentialite, this means that I have diverse interests across numerous domains and can achieve success in many endeavors or line of work. I have many avenues and I love to pursue most of them, either sequentially or simultaneously (or both). I thrive on learning, exploring, and mastering new skills.


There is something exciting for me about trying something different and mastering the skill. My insatiable curiosity leads me to absorb a lot of information quickly, so I tend to pick up new skills fast and to know plenty of different information. These traits helped me build the ability to bring diverse ideas together in creative ways and be resourceful at problem-solving.

Makeup/ Hair styling / Beauty photography

Emotional and artistic portraits / Model portfolio

I am a beauty seeker. I love to see the beauty in my surroundings. From the physical aspect such as sun reflections, sunset, nature, people, animals, space, movements, arts… To the things, we see with our heart such as passion, authenticity, talents, vulnerability, generosity, joy, potential, difference, wisdom… And I get a great pleasure to share the beauty I see.

Creative photography_Visual arts

Videography / Video editing

I have a natural flair for visual balance. This strength has been really useful in my many creative expression: photography, videography, graphic design, page layout, art, crafting, building, space organisation/design... I intuitively see imbalance and will try to achieve a better visual balance, resulting in easy to understand visuals, inviting space and general airy designs.

Curiosity, creativity, love, joy, and purpose are the driving force that leads my way. I am always creating something, but creation without purpose doesn’t ignite a passion within me. I own many different skills and knowing that they can be useful for a greater purpose make me feel useful. Being of service to cause, to people and to projects that are aligned with my values makes me feel fulfilled.


Graphic Design

Videography / Video editing

Professional Editorial portrait

I have a passion for self-development and the understanding of the human experience; Psychology, Ecopsychology, authentic relating, nonviolent communication, spirituality and many more… I love to get to know people and cultivate meaningful relationships, I really believe that having healthy relationships can have a big impact on a life.


That is why relationships are really important to me, I love to use the word co-creating together. Because we all have strength and weakness, but when we all work together bringing our authentic self and seeing the beauty of everyone's uniqueness we can really co-create a space where magic can happen!  

I thrive in environments and projects that require the use of many of my different talent, interest, and knowledge. This multipotential characteristic is a big part of who I am and I feel better when I can use it to its full potential.


I can have an incredible amount of patience for different crafts, research, detailed oriented task and problem-solving. I love to ask questions and tend to love to know the whys that drive people, projects, and plans. I feel that it is easier for me to create something that really responds to your needs if I can really understand the underlying reasons for the project. In the same way that I am presenting to you, my reasons why behind

what I do.

Food photography

I have a lot to offer, here is some example of what I have done throughout the years. It would be hard to do a complete list of what I can do for you, but I am sure that I can be of help. If you have a project in mind, you need help with something, just reach out to me we can see what I can do.

Sharing the beauty I see, co-creating with beautiful beings and enjoying as much the process as the result, as made photography a big part of my portfolio. Here are some of my favorite creations.